WHY Work With Your Local Reconditioner?

SINGLE CONTACT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE: MBC has trucks that cover more than 300,000 square miles, so whether you need containers removed or you need to restock your supply of containers, we are able to help.

IMPROVE YOUR BOTTOM LINE: Reconditioned and remanufactured containers are up to 50% less than buying new.

STREAMLINE LOGISTIC COSTS: MBC can both collect your dirty containers and supply you with clean ones in a single trip, making the process more efficient for you.

ENROLL IN MBC’s RECOVERY and RECONDITIONING PROGRAM: MBC has a fleet of trailers to meet your demands. Keep one trailer to load your dirty empties and swap out with a truck load of clean drums to save on loading and reloading costs, while protecting your investment from inclement weather.

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Discover ways to get the most out of your “drum pile.”

PEACE of MIND: Every product you return to MBC for reconditioning or disposal is backed by a multi-million dollar insurance policy that covers you against environmental concerns.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: MBC follows a rigorous standard of reconditioning containers for reuse as outlined by the Department of Transportation Code of Federal Regulations and the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association.

SUSTAINABILITY: MBC recycles and reconditions a full line of containers for reuse, thereby creating a smaller carbon footprint. They recycle material from containers to shrink the waste stream. A large portion of the waste captured from the reconditioning process is used to heat burners, incinerators, and industrial ovens. MBC is a good friend of biofuel and those industries who utilize grease from restaurants and kitchens.

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