As every business owner knows safety MATTERS. Forget the “no brainer” financial benefits and take into consideration that a business and its employees are a family. Managers and superintendents can talk endlessly about the impact on productivity when they lose a valued employee to an accident. Yet, there is a belief by some that safety meetings are expensive and a waste of time. Safety is “expected” and categorized as simple common sense. Those in the trenches know this could not be farther from the truth. The following are four simple to do, inexpensive, safe habits for everyone which will decrease the odds of getting hurt in an accident.


  1. STRETCH YOUR BACK EVERYDAY – Stretching your back is the best method for preventing injury. Doing sit ups and crunches help to strengthen your stomach muscles and will do a lot in keeping your back muscles strong.
  2. PAUSE WHEN AGITATED – The time to take a break is when you start to get aggravated. This applies to any job. While there is no evidence of such a thing as an “accident prone” person, there is plenty of evidence that aggravation and aggressive emotions cause accidents. When you start to get upset, take a walk and chill a bit.
  3. WORK NEAT – One indication of a successful safety program is how neat everything is. This habit is not just about housekeeping. Putting tools and ladders away, rolling up hoses, sweeping one’s area really does increase productivity and prevent accidents such as trip hazards.
  4. PROMPT – Being early is simply a practice of giving yourself more time than you think you need for work and travel. This will not only reduce stress, but you’ll tend to slow down to a safer and more enjoyable pace. Speeding and rushing are closely related to pain and anguish.

Follow these simple habits and you might just be amazed at the positive impact around the plant and office.

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