“It all comes down to having passion for something through thick and thin. And believe me, there is a lot of thick, but what you learn is that the bad times – those are the adventure.”  David O. Russell

“WHAT the heck am I doing?” was the thought that crowded out all other thoughts as I trudged up Heartbreak Hill at mile 21 in this year’s Boston Marathon.  I was squarely in the thick and pushing through the pain.

LOVE running? Love restless night’s sleep only to wake up six hours before my race in order to inflict pain on myself.  All that aside, there are several benefits I get as the result of working out that impact my life, especially at work.  Here are just a few:

GRIND – The monotony of hours of training prepares me for what? Endless loop builds character. Difficulty makes me stronger.

QUITTING – Not an option. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.  Finish what I start. Push forward regardless. While it might not be “fun” I do not need to suffer. Pain or feeling bad does not mean its all bad.

BE in the MOMENT – It’s not about avoiding the tough times but embracing them.

HILLS “happen” – some are tough to climb and some you fly down on.

HAPPINESS “is” – Secret is to enjoy the ride/journey regardless of how difficult it may seem.  There is no finish line in life.

GRATITUDE is an action word – be grateful and be present for all the feelings and experiences you are fortunate to have in/during the process.

Thank you BOSTON for teaching me about life.  While I missed hitting my goals this time around, the gifts of fitness, emotional and mental strength serve me quite well. Sometimes life, work, relationships, etc. are just like that.

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