What is Your Manager Legacy Look Like?

A lot is asked in today’s work environment from our supervisors, especially considering our current COVID-19 climate. While there are a number of methods to getting this job done, I am going to zero in on two: TOP-DOWN directive or EMPATHIC teacher (actively caring for people) approach.

For example, keeping people injury free by helping them look out for the safety of others exemplifies us going beyond ourselves for others, or self-transcendence. How might one go about accomplishing this? A fear based, top down, seemingly controlling manner, may create change in the moment, but will it create the lasting change, if one did not ask for the advice/direction? One only needs to look within oneself and ask how they themselves may respond the a “slap on the hands.”

When one (student/co-worker) learn from our teaching, they not only apply the principles and practical techniques, they pass them on. They are in effect, leaving their own learning/teaching legacy. IN short, the intervention is critically important.

If one begins corrective feedback with questions to try and understand the viewpoint of the person observed. In a diverse work place, it is important to learn another person’s language, mannerisms, and unique expression. Discover how this may have contributed to the at-risk behavior and/or inhibited the occurrence of a safe alternative. The objective is to obtain ownership of the at-risk behavior, even with excuses, along with a commitment to improve/change.

Leaving a positive teaching legacy happens as advice and direction is accepted, followed, and passed on. When general self-care and respect are shown and the difference in the quality of people’s lives can be measured.

Every work day contains a number of teaching moments. While the “safety cop” with a top-down directive approach may “speed things along” in the moment, taking one’s time to engaging your staff, listening first and then responding, generally results in less “do-overs” that can fill one’s day with a number of fires. Urgent and non-important tasks lead to stress-filled days and sleepless nights.

Steven Covey said, “We live, we love, we learn, and we leave a legacy. What do you want your legacy to look like?

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