Sustainability: Is it just the new buzz word?

Reconditioning steel and plastic drums and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) is the reason MBC exists. Cleaning containers for reuse and recycling the materials in those containers is the foundation of the sustainability policy which drives the Mark’s Barrel Company’s business practices model. Finding reuse options for raw materials and end by-products has also been a long time policy.

This being said, I sat with some members of my industry, customers, and some people I know who own businesses to create a documented Sustainability Plan with a corresponding Implementation- Action Plan. The primary objective was to develop a plan that not only documented and coordinated current sustainability initiatives for Mark’s Barrel Company, such as energy efficiency strategies and waste minimization, but would also identify opportunities for continuous improvement and progress, and afforded ways to track such progress.

In developing our Sustainability Plan, we employed a process mapping exercise that provided a 360 degree view of MBC’s operations identifying material inputs and wastes generated in each part of MBC’s processes. The ideas generated during this process formed the framework for the implementable initiatives included in Mark’s Barrel Company’s Sustainability Action Plan. The resulting Plan consists of the following goals: 1) Reduce Waste; 2) Conserve Process Material Inputs; 3) Reduce Electricity, Natural Gas and Water Use; 4) Promote Sustainable Office Practices; 5) Increase Employee Participation in Sustainability Initiatives; 6) Conduct Sustainability Reviews; and 7) Share our progress with the local community as well as our partners (vendors and customers).

For us here at MBC, sustainability is not just a word. It is the very reason we exist.


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